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Who pays for it and why?
We-ROK.org is a non-profit organization consisting of about four people. As such, the site is funded by the pocketbook of Melinda Donovan and whatever outside support she receives.

Outside support has consisted of piecemeal charitable donations, in the form of straight money, shop purchases or even time and/or materials. Why do these people support the site? Well, presumably they like what the site has to offer, and would like to see it continue on. Or maybe they didn’t realize they were helping out the site, but did it anyway.

The individuals who have sponsored or continue to sponsor the site can be found on the sponsor page, located here.

Why ask for support?
Asking for support for We-ROK.org was not an initial goal in getting this site started, but times have changed. What once was a $5 per month hosting charge has ballooned thanks to increased site size, bandwidth usage and other assorted costs.

Our ultimate hope is to have the site pay for itself. In a perfect world, enough support would come in via donations to cover web hosting, site maintenance and improvements. It would also be nice if some of the film review costs and time were covered too, but that may be a bit too much wishful thinking. Still, every bit helps.

The standard support method is a donation through PayPal, which is explained below. As it works, We-ROK.org gets a small cut of whatever purchases are made via the shop portion of this site. If you have a burning desire to purchase some of our items please visit the shop

Donations through a PayPal link are most welcome, though Melinda would prefer that sponsors get something in return. If you wish to donate to the site, use the link below. Remember donating does have its benefits. Check those out first!

Alternate methods of support:
Hire Melinda Donovan! That’s right: if you give her a job then she can get paid AND continue to run We-ROK.org. In a perfect world, she could get paid for running this site, but last time I checked the world was far from perfect. I like the trees, though.

Some readers have actually donated review materials, i.e. DVDs and IMAGES as a way of helping out the site. Everything helps, nothing goes to waste!

In addition, Comments and Compliments are another way to support this site. While the tangible benefit of such support is questionable, the power of positive reinforcement is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. This can easily be done on our contact page. Submissions will make their way onto the site some place.


about us

We-ROK.org was created by parents coping with autism for parents coping with autism.

It has been ten years since our first (Maise) was diagnosed with autism and eight years since my son (Julian), during which time I have been an active participant of autism advocacy. I have attended many conferences and workshops in hopes of making it simpler, less time-consuming and more cost effective for others to reap what I have come to learn.

It is my belief that newly diagnosed families need a lot of information quickly, clearly and professionally obtained from credible sources. What we hope to achieve as your advocate is to enable you to quickly get your program defined, built, and integrated into your family.

The quicker we achieve more neuron development in your child the sooner you will start seeing results. We will do everything we possibly can to redefine your family.

Melinda Donovan had her first experience with autism when her daughter was diagnosed with autism in 2000. Her son was later diagnosed with autism in 2002. Her early years with autism were a quest for information and resources eventually leading her to join the Autism Society of America North County Chapter as 1st Vice President in 2005.

It was a small 7 person Board with a tiny budget but highly effective in North San Diego County. Both San Diego Chapters merged in 2006 into the already existing San Diego Autism Society of America (SDASA). Melinda spent 2006 on the Decorating Committee of SDASA’s All Out For Autism yearly event, committed to learning fundraising. In 2007 She joined SDASA’s 27 person Board, and was also appointed to represent the city of San Diego on the Autism Society of California Board.

She served on both Boards from 2007-2009. Melinda’s passion is bringing people together to harness their collective talents to create cost effective, easily obtained solutions in autism. Melinda’s current project is film making about autism advocates which she hopes will provide a large amount of information and contacts for families coping with autism in an efficient, cost effective way in the privacy of their homes.

Melinda Donovan

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